We manufacture mainly assemblies or subassemblies for different industrial machines: machines for producing and processing cartboard, processing timber, producing polyethylene pipes etc.

We also manufacture:

– Containers for waste shipment – 15m3 up to 38m3

– Metal structures for industrial buildings

– Outdoor billboards

– Machined structures of up to 3,5 tones/pc.

We also offer optional surface finishing: zinc plating, powder coating, sizing or regular paint.


Bending maschines CNC (Haco)

Cutting maschine CNC (Haco)

PLASAMA CNC cutting maschine

Bohrwerk (Miling & boring Tos maschines)

Grinding Tos maschine

Turning clasic

Band saws maschines

Welding maschines mig-mag (6)

Welding maschines vig ( 2)

Percing maschines (3)

Overhead cranes 3,5 tones