About us

METAL INDUSTRIES is a company specialized in metal constructions for industrial use. Founded in 2012, METAL INDUSTRIES expanded rapidly and immediately had well-known and respected partners locally.

METAL INDUSTRIES S.R.L. specializes in metal constructions with or without processing for industrial purposes. Since 2012, 90% of production has consisted of exports to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and France. In all these years we have managed to build strong partnerships, constantly trying to improve the quality of our products, our technical equipment and the mastery of our employees.

At present, our company has 25 employees.


Bystronic bystar 4025 laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine (LVD 4000/220 tons, year 2015), CNC cutting machine (Haco), CNC cutting machine with hypetherm plasma, year 2015, CNC cutting machine oxy-acetylene, CN bohrwerk (miling & boring tos machine), Grinding tos machine, turning CN Proma, year 2015,Band saw machines,  Mig-mag welding machines (9), Vig welding machines (3),Punching machines (3), 5 ton aerial cranes (1).

We produce assemblies or subassemblies for different industrial machines: packaging machines, machines for the production and processing of cardboard, wood processing, production of polyethylene pipes, etc.

Through our collaborators we offer surface finishing services: sandblasting, galvanizing, painting.